Fashion Awareness

Sustainability, as a trend, is big in fashion across the globe. The Handloom sector plays a very important role in the country’s economy. This sector contributes nearly 19% of the total cloth produced in the country and also adds substantially to export earnings. The element of art and craft present in Indian handlooms makes it a potential sector for the upper segments of the market domestic as well as global. Handloom forms a unique part of the generational legacy and showcases the richness and diversity of our country and the artistry of the weavers. The aim of meeting the fashion industry with the handloom industry will definitely create a revolution. Check out more!

Influence of fashion on people 

People around the world want to remain pretty while continuing to look elegant. How do they really get influenced? Whether it is initialed on the cuff-links or brand name on the tee, people are drifting towards personalized clothing more.
This gives them a sense of easy recognition and they find it easy to make a statement.They feel more confident about the look and deal better. Whether it be a measure of social beliefs or modern development, fashion has always been a big part of our life. From amateurs to professionals within the field itself, individuals all over the place have, in fact, used this convention to convey a myriad of factors.
For women: There are plenty of varieties of ethnic wears in women category and with time all have become versatile and innovative. For instance
the Lehenga Sarees are one of that attire which has got a modern twist and is very easy to wear and carry off.
For Men: There are plenty of traditional wear for men too which is being worn by Men since ancient time till this day and will be continued to be worn as it has a different style of its own kind. In world of trends I want to remain classic. Fashion designers understand the needs of their clients and create attractive garments, apparel and accessories according to the current fashion trends and market conditions. To be a successful designer, you must possess exceptional creative talent, artistic skills and a flair for designing. Therefore they priorities the trends according to their demands. Whether you’re matching a pair of shoes with your outfit or putting together a whole new look for a party, accessories can make you look glamorous. Accessories include footwear, scarves, handbags, belts, hats, sunglasses, neck-pieces, etc. As an accessory designer, you get to design these using your creativity and keeping in mind the current trends.Some of the famous institutions for fashions are National Institute of Fashion Technology, Multiple Locations; Srishti Institute of Art, Design and Technology, Bengaluru; Symbiosis Institute of Design, Pune; Indian School of Design and Innovation, Mumbai; MAEER’s MIT

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