Globalisation is the word that should be acknowledged for modern day fashion.

Earlier, There were pre-existing cultures and dress codes before the 19th century when the globalisation was just about to begin. So, when globalisation happened due to the advancement of media, development of satellites, the coming of railways etc, cultures and ways of life also started getting transmitted from one part of the world to another part of the world. In this way, Clothing and ways of dressing and fashion and amalgamation of cultures and fabrics happened which gave rise to a variety of resources to work on to people in fashion.

“Fashion is an expression of what you’re feeling” said by Ranveer Singh and we totally agree. Every culture has norms and traditions of embellishing, decorating bodies be it by jewellery or clothes or body tattooing or perfumes. So, the body needs to be felt complete. 

Moreover, In the modern world when there are bountiful resources, everyone can dress according to their needs, their preference, their mood, their tradition. Therefore, the way one dresses reflects the personality of a person. There are formal, informal, office, school, Party dress codes. Dress codes available for almost every different occasion which gives people diversity in clothing and choice. 

One more reasonable explanation for Fashion becoming an integral part is a social pressure, a peer pressure. For example: A celebrity wears a certain kind of dress and people start copying it and following it and it becomes a trend. Now, that certain style is being globally copied or followed by a majority of people following the trend and the one who doesn’t follow the trend feels a neglect when he/she does not see themselves in that majority. Thus, it becomes a kind of responsibility to dress well and according to occasions and if not then you will be termed as “Dowdy” or “Unattractive” or “Tacky” or “rustic”.

Author: Aditi Khajuria

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