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Of Win Style and Fashion

About Us

Nanjil Anand Foundation is a non-profit organisation in Bengaluru, Karnataka whose mission is to help and bear new innovations for plants and animals and humans with their style and fashion. It also helps new researchers in stabilizing innovations and to bring new
ideas and sustainability programs. We provide internships to a large number of upcoming youths and especially women. We have about 35 different organisations under which it deals with independent sectors in groups, one such important group is Win Style and Fashion.


Win Style and Fashion

We are a team which has a great interest and love for newest fashion trends and fashion. We give our great importance to fashion as it represents our history as we all know that fashion helps us tell and
present different stories to the world. As the fashion industry in the world keeps evolving so swiftly the research team helps in keeping their pace with it. We believe in giving opportunities to budding designers who can showcase their talents in the best possible ways.

We love to become a support system for the new young minds who can come up with new aspiring ideas. Our main motive is to provide high quality designs and fashion ideas, we provide a platform for
young innovators who can get recognised with their creativity and intelligence.As we believe in ideas of the modern world and also not interfering the fashion of the early age we try to provide our brands with trendy and chic styles for a casual look, read to go fashion and not to forget mix and match. Win Style and fashion also believes in building startups with new ideas where they provide printed t-shirts.

Sometimes, we also provide personalised comfy and cute stylish printed t-shirts for one’s inner hippie. We believe that wearing good clothes and styling can make us feel confident and happy and empowered as clothes act as an armor, always protecting you from the negative feelings and experiences .We also have weekly online campaigns where we find out the rarest of the rare styles to discuss through our social media platforms.

We abet people with Style and Fashion with the partnership with the Nanjil Anand Foundation who provide research teams and skilled designers, best services and basic tools that entitle the new upcoming designers in every point. As the best Non-profit organisations we try to offer the best possible services and abettance in the field of Style and
Fashion. We have contacts with the manufacturer and are doing market research so that we can find competitors and will soon proceed with our new ideas for our startups.

Some main conducted events of  Win Style and Fashion are mentioned below :

➔ Modelling Photoshoot Competition where competitors could show their exclusive talents in modelling. The top 3 winners will be awarded with certificates of Excellence and also got the opportunity to get shoutout on our page all other participants received Participation Certificates.
➔ Picture Posting Competition with the topic as Be Yourself. The winners were awarded with a Certificate of Excellence and others were provided with Certificate of participation.
➔ Reels Making Competition with the topic as “Growing Love for Black”. The top 3 winners got a golden opportunity to be the face of our page and a chance to appear in our magazine and they were also awarded with the Certificate of Excellence. The other participants were awarded with a Certificate of Appreciation.
Best out of Waste Competition which is soon to happen. 

We also launched our first edition of Magazine with its topic as Cosmetics.

We aim to build a greater platform for the young innovators for style
and fashion.

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