Fashion can be meant as the newest fashion that has made its place truly in the newest trends. Fashion basically depends upon the induced styles which may not be long lasting but are on display for the particular time. It can be the most influential medium for the world which changes the way the people recognise us and also the way we recognise the word in return. Thus, we can say that fashion is pertinent to contemporary culture.

 The basic meaning to sociology can be explained as the basic human behaviour that is shaped by different stratas to which the people belong and there are also social interactions among them and usually takes place in groups. It’s the sociological perspective which invites us to take a closer look at the familiar surroundings in a different and fresh way. Now, let’s understand “sociological perspectives to understand fashion”. As fashion is a cultural process it is also responsible and found amongst people,objects,events,styles and also the basic practices which they can relate and recognise themselves. Fashion is the medium by which they can build opinions and also has symbolic significance which helps us to know the different social sets and communities. Fashion as a sociological perspective has mostly three different cultural phenomena. It changes under the influence of the flowing culture that has been used with the changing ages and the change in the perspective of the customers, their tastes which change their identity.It is basically the continuous change in the cultural norms. 

The basic two sociological perspective which will help us to understand fashion are: 

Symbolic Essentialism & Fashion– Fashion symbolises almost the whole of our entire spectrum but we should also keep in mind the essential ways of fashion when standing on a social platform. Like for a job interview one should only wear formals, collared shirts or maybe a suit which would give a professional look and at the same time would be elegant and hence an appropriate fit for the job interview. Every profession has its own dress code which helps us to differentiate the different individuals among the society. 

Fashion and Primitivism– With the change in the era to era there has been the change in the fashion sense and trends and it’s been a fast growth.We should keep the fact in mind that difference in class has no longer an adequate lens to observe fashion and also disregard the individual’s involvement in it. However, sometimes fashion does depend on the social standards which may stand in as a conflict between the individual’s choices against the social norms.The word “Primitivism”can be meant by the cultural shift which can affect the enlightenment on modern thinking and the change of the socio-economic situations, this word gives a more strong meaning which lets us understands the change in the fashion trends after the World War II. 

Thus, to conclude we must know that culture and fashion will always go hand in hand which results in ever-evolving individual psychology, political view, economics and also globalisation etc. As fashion changes and the evolution continues, the sociology of fashion still continue to present its cultural changes and the tools which have acted as a catalyst in their occurrence of the changes.

Sudeshna Banerjee

Sudeshna Banerjee



Sudeshna Banerjee belongs to Khardah, Kolkata. She is 18 years old and has recently completed her 12th standard from Modern English Academy and started mu college at IHM Bhuwaneshwar.
She is extremely enthusiastic about cooking, travelling and interior decoration. In her free time, she likes watching movies and learning about different cuisines

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